CDS Terms & Conditions

Domestic Terms

IMPORTANT: Terms for Domestic and non-Account customers. Please read this as it explains clearly what you can expect from us.

We have a policy of quoting prices excluding VAT, so we will state when quoting prices that VAT will be added at the usual rate. If in doubt, please ask, as we believe in giving the correct price for the job so that customers know exactly what they are due to pay.

When we undertake a job, we will supply an estimate for the cost. If the client agrees that cost, and the work is completed to the client's satisfaction, the client will be due to pay the agreed cost.

In cases where we are unable to predict an accurate cost without further diagnosis, we will give a threshold cost beyond which we will not charge without contacting the customer. If the customer considers this to be too great the customer may cancel the job at no charge.

If the customer agrees the threshold cost we will work up to this threshold cost. If the job in fact costs less than the threshold cost we will charge the actual cost not the threshold cost, so the customer only pays for work that is needed and actually carried out.

If the cost is likely to exceed the threshold cost and we contact the customer with a revised cost, the customer may choose to reject the revised cost and cancel the job should they wish and there will be no charge.

All jobs start at our hourly rate plus VAT and are charged per half-hour thereafter.

Callouts are charged PER VISIT if the customer requests a visit. Callouts are chargeable regardless of whether a fix is agreed or not and will include a minimum of half an hour for labour. This will be made clear to the caller at the time of calling.

If the visit requires a return, i.e. A pickup and a drop off, the drop off is included.

Lost visits/no-shows/late cancellations charged half an hour + callout.

Standard Costs for jobs that include reinstall and Data Transfer are quoted on the basis that all factory-supplied software is provided to us by the customer together with legitimate product keys where appropriate. If software keys or software are provided that the software manufacturer deems to be invalid or illegal, the customer will be given the opportunity to purchase a legal license. The customer will be liable for the cost of this license plus any consequential time used in obtaining and installing the legal software. Should the customer choose not to purchase a legally licensed product they will still be liable for the full cost of the job.

Data transfers are based on transferring/restoring 1 Mail Account, factory default software and the My Documents folder. Additional accounts /data/software will be charged based on time taken.

All additional work is charged on the hourly rate per half hour.

Additional work and lost time resulting from the failure of other suppliers, i.e. Broadband service providers, telecoms, etc. will be charged at standard rate or a chargeable return visit must be arranged.

Additional work involving the transfer/install of software, data not contained in My Documents Folder, multiple accounts, etc. will be charged.

Additional work resulting from hard disk failures/data loss will be charged.

Unfortunately this may lead to some work becoming less cost-effective for domestic users with more than one user account, complex installations or problems resulting from previous work done badly by other repairers. We must maintain our high quality of service so it is no longer possible to absorb additional time resulting from unforseen or undisclosed circumstances.
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