What We Do

What We Do

Browse these pages to find just some of CDS many services we offer our clients. Anything you need help with; give us a call and we can tell you if we can help. We give straight and honest answers, and are more than willing to do whatever we can to make your life that little bit easier.


Good service and advice at the start of a major IT project can save hours of heartache and trouble later on.

Sometimes a bit of sensible advice can be the best thing you can ever spend your money on.

We offer customers general advice over the telephone so they can make the best decision about a particular situation or service and this is not usually charged to regular customers.

Where we need to provide training, consultancy or in-depth advice on specific matters, we provide a range of services from a simple report to in-depth analysis, design and specification.

When working with clients it is sometimes necessary for clients to disclose or allow access to sensitive data, operating methods or other information relating to the business of the client.

Any advice, details of discussions, security details or other information of the types mentioned above always remain confidential.

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